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Mix by tam_cranver

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Honest confession: When I saw the tracklisting for this mix, I was kind of apprehensive. I didn't recognize any of the songs. Some names I had heard of, but I hadn't actually listened to them before.

But when I clicked on it, that apprehension completely vanished. That first song is so swing-y and energy-filled and, oh gosh, I was just bouncing around like an idiot to it. :D And then it just continued to get better. One thing that tam_cranver really hit upon in my story was Pete's (numerous) character failings. It felt AWESOME to see (or hear, I suppose) that getting acknowledged. Because it is problematic! And sometimes, in these rom-com types of stories, that kind of behavior is dismissed. That was one of the things I tried to wrestle with, because it's especially relevant in the context of a human-robot relationship, and I'm still not convinced I executed it well. Anyway. I'm just rambling now. Suffice it to say that I am so pleased that some songs in the mix addressed this issue.

My favorite song in the mix is probably Dickhead. It's not that similar to songs I usually enjoy. It's not particularly dance-y or upbeat. But the syncopation and the way the words felt, how the hard syllables of words like 'dickhead' brought an amazing texture to the song--it all came together, and I love it.

1. Quick Fix - V V Brown

2. I Never Said I Was Deep - Jarvis Cocker

3. Asshole - Jim's Big Ego

4. I Wonder If You're Drunk Enough to Sleep With Me Tonight - Ballboy

5. Don't Laugh (I Love You) - Ween

6. Take It Off - Andrew W.K.

7. Small World - Split Enz

8. Naked - Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

9. Not Given Lightly - Frente!

10. Breakdown - The Alan Parsons Project

11. Everybody's Talkin' - Harry Nilsson

12. We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed - Los Campesinos!

13. Dickhead - Kate Nash

14. Simultaneous - Pulp

15. Bad As I Am - Great Big Sea

16. Back in My Arms Again - The Supremes

tam_cranver, thank you SO MUCH for making this mix! I enjoyed it immeasurably, and I loved how think-y it felt. ♥ (God, I am just failing at adjectives today. You know it's bad when I start adding -y to verbs.)

Make sure to download this mix and leave feedback here!
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