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Fic: Roomba v2.0

FINALLY, here is my contribution to this year's bandombigbang! My very first experience as a participant in such an official fic challenge. I feel rather as though it's my first day of school, and I've brought something precious for Show and Tell. /o\

Title: Roomba v2.0
Pairing(s): Pete/Patrick, secondary Brendon/Ryan
Word Count: ~17,000
Rating: R
Warnings: Deals with human/robot relationships, so there are some inherent dubcon issues.
Notes: A gigantic thank-you goes to redorchids, whose kickass beta skills straightened this story out and made it about 100x better. Thank you also to chaoticallyclev, for your amazing pair of eyes and equally amazing piecesof_reeses-taming powers. And finally, thanks to our fearless mods! ♥
Summary: “Do you realize how pathetic it is that you’re asking me for advice on how to sleep with your cleaning robot?”

Part One | Part Two

No Assembly Required by pearldrop
Don't Turn Me On by angelsaves
Mix by tam_cranver
Tags: bandom, big bang, fall out boy, fic, panic at the disco
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